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Alright so, my name is Rachel and I live in the middle of the god damn pacific. Milk is over eight bucks a gallon and that’s enough to say it’s absolute hell living here. I’m not even going to go into how much gas costs, but I could get a five bedroom house with a pool in California for the price of a tiny two bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood here. You can probably see why I want to get the hell out!!! Wow!!!

Money issues aside, I’m stuck with my mother, who is EXTREMELY abusive, both mentally and physically, and honestly, I want to get as far away from her as I can before I snap and end up doing something I regret. I don’t exactly have a good handle of my temper, and she genuinely enjoys pushing me to my limit. I’m not going to really go into the kind of things she does, but let’s just say she has no problem telling her own daughter to commit suicide. You can probably guess how good of a mother she is from that.

I’m looking to move to California with my dad, but obviously that costs money, and while I’m going to school full-time, that’s going to be pretty damn hard to make. I’m close to being done, and I’m probably going to go straight back to working after that, but until then, it’d be nice to still save up a bit!


For now I’m going to just do sketches and colored sketches, (cleaned up, of course!) I’m busy with school and I just don’t have the time/energy to do clean lineart.

Some extra tidbits:

  • Adding an extra character is an extra half of the base price! For instance, a ten dollar half body with two characters would come out to 15 bucks.
  • However, with fullbodies, adding an extra character is just double the base price. I’m sorry I suck _(´□`」 ∠)_ 
  • I’d really rather not draw more than three characters in one picture.
  • I’ll probably just throw in a bit of monochrome color for free in just about any picture I draw, but let me know if you want something else or no color at all!
  • School takes a LOT of energy out of me so I probably won’t be able to finish your commission in a day, so please be patient! If you have a deadline, please let me know.
  • I can draw some nsfw, but I will charge a bit extra!
  • And of course, despite a good majority of my examples, I have no problem doing art outside of Homestuck/fantrolls!

what i miss

i ate several family sized bags last night

then i tried mixing peach flavored ice tea powder with a gallon of milk

chugged that

while i did this i was boiling my bass strings to renew them 

my friend stared at it for like 40 seconds and whispered “dude theres something wrong with your spaghetti”

don’t do drugs

Where have you been lately?

haven’t been feeling 100% lately so ive been kind of avoiding this 



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 and then I created this… this fucking androgynous nightmare.

titlette: and their double consenants
the g spot: double what
the g spot: the fuck is that
titlette: like
titlette: non vowel sounds
the g spot: like
the g spot: nnn
the g spot: or ggg
titlette: .
titlette: double
titlette: not triple
the g spot: ng
the g spot: NNNGGG
titlette: like
titlette: kk
titlette: ll
titlette: dd
the g spot: like kay kay or
the g spot: kuhkuh
titlette: like kk
the g spot: kuhkuh
titlette: kk
the g spot: kuhkuh

i wanna rp but

i don’t



ok art giveaway time thing because i can


  • 1st place gets pretty much whatever they want. I can do paintings or drawings or pairings or talksprites it’s their world we’re just living in it. 
  • 2nd place gets their choice of a drawing or talksprites. 


  1. You don’t have to be following me. (my blog sucks don’t bother)
  2. Fantrolls only. 
  3. Likes/Reblogs count.
  4. No giveaway blogs I’ll cut you.
  5. Ends September 5th

I’ll drop you a message if you win, if I don’t get a response within 24 hours I’ll draw another winner yo
have at it, have fun and thanks for putting up with me